All set to go! 30th September 2023
General admission ticket is $5.00
and you could win $50 just by attending the HAMFEST
Public now enter via PUBLIC door rather than VENDOR door!!

Saturday 30th September 2023 Hamfest
Ancaster Agricultural Fairgounds.
This is a traditional hamfest with  ham readio/electronics retailers in attendance.
There will be no tailgating.

630 Trinity Road, Ancaster
Latitude 43' - 11" - 25" North     Longitude  80' - 02"  -   32"  West
Talk in:  Simplex 146.52 MHz
 VE3NCF    146.760/146.160  -600   Tone 131.8 hz

Vendor and  public parking to the left of the building.
Wheelchair parking next to main vendor entrance garage door.

Use this entrance  for  vendor and  public parking to the left of the building.

A great crowd from the 2022 Hamfest
198 Shoppers and 50 vendors!
Click above to view the event.

Vendors will use garage door starting at 7:30 am
Please have exact change.


Full hall layout

Vendor Listing by table number
Note: All tables are sold
No tailgate

Hamfest details:
From Toronto, QEW to 403 West and turn left on highway 52. Drive
directly to the fairgrounds. Look for the Hamfest signs. From Niagara
Region QEW to Hwy 403 West and turn left on highway 52.

Opening Times:
7:30 am for commercial vendors.
9:00 am   for   the general public.

Vendor table each $10.00 free admission
Please book tables early to reserve your preferred table location.
General admission...$5.00 each

Talk in: Simplex 146.52 MHz


For more info: Barry VE3ISX  Hamfest Coordinator