Hamfest 2022
1st Oct 2022
Ancaster Fair Grounds

Pictures by Barry VE3ISX   and Mike VE3MKX

Club President Murray VE3ZPV with our 50/50 sales specialist Zahyra VE3ZHY

VE3CZI  Norm  and  Norm VE3ZKO  greeting the first of the 198 shoppers

VE3BK Rick with wife Pat at the tables.

VA3GKX  Yuri  with Igor VE3IGG,  VE3SSR  Evgeny and Wendy VE3WNB.

Club Hamfest coordinator Barry  VE3ISX with wife Judy

Icom Canada  Rose VA3RZZ

Super Prize winner of the Icom transceiver
VE3APT  Albert Costa from Hamilton

Winner!   Gary VE3DZP......$102.00  Congratulations!

Thanks to our Super Prize Sponsors:
* Icom Canada..Icom tranceiver
* Radioworld Toronto...$100 gift card pack
* "Art by Selina" LED  Ham Call Sign
* Mario The Tube Man...$100 gift card
* VE3NLS  Ronnie...$200 gift cards
* VE3DZP   Gary...Brass CW key
* VE3PTA Steve....Gift card.

Mario The Tube Man  with huge inventory of product

VE3FDK John with Peter VE3DOU

Rod VE3ISO from the Burlington ARC promoting club special events.

Pat VE3CNX from London with Bob VE3MF

Archie Wharton with all the deals

Christian  VE3QYV who handled the outdoor parking of over 198 visitors plus 50 vendors
Great job

John  VE3XBF with club member Spencer VA3SPN

John VA3JHD  working with the Hamfest Crew from Hamilton

VE3RRH Kevin from NPARC

 Ken VA3KWG current president of the Niagara Peninsula ARC.


VE3MKX  Mike

VE3MKR  Mike

Wendy  VE3WNB with hubby  Jim VE3PNN

VE3WIG   Bill with Bob VE3MF

Igor VE3IGG   with VE3IPS   John

Larry   VE3RF

VA3TM Tom and Hugh VE3AYR from the Burlington ARC

VE3DOU Peter and Bob  VE3MF

VE3KYI Art from the Hamilton Club

VE3SXB  Fred from Brantford

Gary  VE3NMI   manning the "Art by Selina" LED  Ham Call Signs
with Ron VA3RON assisting.

"Art by Selina" LED  Ham Call Signs

Mark VE3DDI/VE3LU   working with Mike VE3MKX tables

VE3KCY Ken from the Elmira ARC


Janice  XYL of Len VA3CD

VE3MQ Tom from Hamilton

VE3MQ Tom table goodies

VE3MWO  Ron from Hamilton

The crowd starting to assemble...198 shopper and 50 vendors

John VE3SVE from PC Board.ca

"Kevyn" with 5 tables!

John VA3JMK from Pembroke

VE3BXI  Bill from Sarnia

VE3PTA Steve with a well stocked table.

VE3HNG Kevin from the Hamilton ARC.

VE3DZP Gary with Barry VE3ISX and his donated heavy duty CW key
that he donated as a door prize.

Peter VE3DOU with all the deals.

David VE3DV

 Glenn VE3NDW  with Geddie VE3CJX    and Dave VE3DPG members of the NPARC

Denis VA3ONO from  NPARC

VE3PRU Alan from Trenton

VE3NEJ Terry from Kitchener
showing his RemoteTX HF linking project

HARC club members on table setup prior to the event.
Parker  VA3WPS   Peter VE3DOU  Barry VE3ISX with Judy,  Peter VE3ZFZ.  Jim  VE3JS
with Rick VE3BK and wife Pat
Murray VE3ZPZ   took the picture.

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