The 2023 club War Plane Museum
Mt. Hope Ontario
13th May 2023

Photos courtesy of Barry VE3ISX

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Back row:
Mark VE3RYI and wife, Peter VE3SYO, Mardy VE3QEE,   Murray VE3ZPV, Peter VE3DOU
Front Row:
 Paul   VE3JXQ,  John  VA3JHD and Art VE3KCI

John   VA3JHD  with Mardy VE3QEE
and Peter VE3ZFZ   and Ed  VE3YVT

Boeing 727 static display greats us.
Rick   VA3WWV in line.

The LANC was undergoing maintenance.

 John  VA3JHD  and Mardy VE3QEE
welcome us into the cafeteria.

 Left to right....
Tom VE3TWG, Barry VE3ISX, Rick  VE3WWV, Mardy  VE3QEE, Peter VE3SYO Mark  VE3RYI and XYL
  Peter VE3DOU,  John   VE3JHD, Gary VE3JGK, and Paul    VE3JXQ.


A new attraction at the museum...
Ultra modern flight simulator with VR goggles.

The VR simulator experience....the chair is multi axis.

Mardy VE3QEE at the station controls.

John VE3JUB  station equipment vintage equipment consultant and restorer.

Paul   VE3JXQ our newest member
getting the equipment rundown.

Receivers from the past...all operational.

Tom   VE3TWG

Peter VE3DOU and his contribution (Model RC aircraft) to the museum.