Membership Appreciation Party
    End Zone Restaurant
   16th October 2021

 A good time was had by all.
Grant from the End Zone provided us with a special menu,
plus two valuable gift certificates.
Nutech Electronics and ONTARS provided
additional draw prizes.

Pictures courtesy of  Barry VE3ISX

Club President Murray VE3ZPV with Rick VE3BK and the owner of the End Zone  Grant

Murray's  wife Laurel

John  VA3XM

Dave VE3HTC with Rick VE3BK

Jim   VE3JS with our server Adele

John   VE3FDK

Art   VE3KCI

Mark    VE3RYI

Peter    VE3DOU

Rick VE3BK  with wife Pat

Judy wife of Barry VE3ISX

Judy and Laurel manning the membership renewal table.

Norm  VE3ZKO with wife Donna

Barry VE3ISX

Kevin  VE3HNG