Club breakfast 11 February 2023

Photo credits:   Barry VE3ISX

James  VA3JT   John   VA3JHD   his XYL  Anne Marie    Barry VE3ISX's wife   Judy

James  VA3JT   John   VA3JHD    Barry VE3ISX

The Two Cougars Staff

Laurel  (VE3ZPV-Murray)    Anne Marie (John-VA3JHD)   Barry VE3ISX's wife Judy    Grace (VE3JGK-Gary)

Peter  VE3DOU       Mark   VE3RYI

Grace  across from VE3JGK-Gary
Rick VE3BK across from Mark VE3RYI
James VA3JT across from Peter VE3DOU

James VA3JT on his "sat phone" with Barry VE3ISX

Barry VE3ISX with Art  VE3KCI (free breakfast winner)  and our club president Murray VE3ZPV

Missing photo: Kevin VE3HNG
We had 14 attend the first breakfast of 2023
Everyone had a great "eye ball" with the ladies at their own table.
Looking forward to next month at the same the newsletter/website for details.
Thanks to Elsie and Elaine from the Two Cougars ...and congratulations of the fine breakfast.